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Printed promotional materials are your company’s corporate identity, a possibility to stand out among your peers and to attract partners. It is a combined system of firm promotion on the current market of goods and services. To hold attention of your potential client orpartner you need nothing but high quality printing arts. You may turn to us with only an evasive and subconscious desire “to make something” and a couple of photos and go out with a ready design booklet. Between a concept and its realization – our imagination, our printing and PostPress finishing. We guarantee ultra-high quality of the end product through our creative approach to the assigned task and user experience of all traditional and most up-to-date production technologies. High quality of the printing services and reliability in commitments fulfillment are our prime advantages.

- Printout on all materials;

Your imagination has no limits any more and can be easily brought into life. Our team will help you with this task – we will put the image on any surface. Whether you want to decorate you house or add corporate look to your office, impress your friends and acquaintances with unique accessories or create a homely atmosphere in your café or restaurant – it’s all in your power now. We offer you printing of the highest level on any hard materials, flat or round or irregular surfaces, textile.



- Silk-screen printing, digital and offset printing;

Silk-screen printing allows to make the image wearproof and fade-resistant, without any losses of colour saturation. Silk-screen printing makes it possible to put the image on any material (paper, fabric, glass, plastic, metal, wood, hard paper, polyethylene, textile, POS material, various promotional goods). We will carry out your most daring fantasies.



Digital printing is perfect for short runs of printed arts. Its popularity is explained by the possibility to print small and mediums runs without per copy cost increase. We always try to put ourselves in our clients’ place – the only way possible to ensure best results of cooperation! If you wish to order printed brochures, booklets, catalogues, flyers or colourful calendars, we immediately understand that it takes a creative approach and our experts have extremely high level of design imagination.


Offset printing allows printing of large circulations of booklets, brochures, catalogues, flyers, posters and colour printing of quarter calendars, wall and desk calendars at a low price. Our services include all types of offset printing. Invariably excellent print results are achieved through expertise of our print workers and strict technical control of materials and processes. We are pleased to offer you popular services for large-print interior products, including interior advertisements. Creative and bright, such advertisement will effectively present your company and will be certainly remembered.



- All kinds of PrePress services and PostPress finishing.

Printing arts appeal is ensured not only by the most creative and unusual design. If often turns out that even perfectly executed layout needs some extra finishing. We offer you all kind of PrePress services before the actual printing begins to guarantee the highest quality of print for specific carriers and technology which is impossible to achieve without a flawless PrePress. Any basic material of any quality can be technically perfected. We offer you photo brushing of any degree of complexity, file handling of any format, design of outlines for stamps and clichés, development of POS materials.

PostPress finishing determines the final look of your printed product. Creative and well-made design at this stage will make your products unique. A variety of services and technology offered by our company is impressive enough: lamination, UV coating, binding, indexing, punching, creasing, folding, gluing, padding, covering, all kinds of foil blocking, etc.


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