Multimedia technology


The main purpose of multimedia technology products is to convince the customer in minimal time that your product is better than that of your peers and make him interested in buying it. Only multimedia technology is capable to meet this challenge in just a couple of minutes.




- Multimedia presentations

Multimedia presentations draw attention to an exhibition stand, are irreplaceable for a high-profile speech and upgrade communication efficiency between partners. Compose a multimedia presentation about your company with structured information and creative accompanying sound, photos and video clips, 2D/3D graphics, etc. and you will get a sufficiently flexible tool for all sorts of advertising actions and promotion of your product or service on the market.

Multimedia presentation is an effective and powerful tool of influence.

- Postcards, electronic catalogues

Corporate postcard — a most convenient and popular way to send season’s greetings to your clients and partners. Emotional charge is the important component of any informative tool, that is why a multimedia postcard is designed to draw attention and produce a positive response easily and effectively. Due to its dynamic image, special design, virtual appearance, music and other sound effects, a multimedia postcard makes it possible to enhance emotional context of the message tenfold.


Electronic catalogue contains structured set of information about products or services. In addition to photographic images and text description of products, electronic catalogue may include video clips, panoramic images, diagrams, 3D models and animated functional parts of any element of the product. It’s an excellent way to familiarize all concerned with the full catalogue of your company products. It is cost-effective for you and convenient for the clients.

Electronic catalogue on a CD is a shrewd choice!

- Media-kit, infographics, screensaver

is pre-packaged set of media-files (audio and video), photos, text documents, diagrams and other promotional materials of a company or event. We will compose a media-kit in the form of electronic set according to the corporate style of yourcompany using animation, various effects and navigation system.


Infographics is an effective combination of text and graphics. The use of infographics is most justified when there is need to deliver a large amount of complex and intricate data in a clear and comprehensible way. Inforgaphics is suitable for using in video presentations, films and clips. Contrary to classic advertising design fully based on emotions, professionally performed infographics encourages one to think, perceive and analyze at one time.

Screensaver - Screensaver with information about a company or a service is a modern marketing tool and a corporate business-style attribute. We will help you to create a unique screensaver with the use of company logo, visual effects, animation and accompanying sound.


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