Graphic design


Graphic design is an excellent means to bring any idea to life in an exceptional and vivid way; it’s an opportunity to visualize an idea into art and deliver required information in a most catching way. A circumspect and stylish design enhances image of your company and your clients loyalty, it contributes to the company’s favourable image and emphasizes its reliability and respectability.

- Promotional print (Business cards, letter-headed paper, envelopes, portfolios and folders, invitations, postcards, flyers, booklets, brochures, catalogues, posters, stickers, labels, package, etc.);


Business cards Paper bags, package2245245 Catalogues, brochures, calendars, postcards


Souvenir products (calendars, paper bags, pens, keyholders, soft goods, planings, plaques, etc.);

Souvenirs design should first and foremost be unique, i.e. creative, exceptional, modern, catchy and recognizable. At the same time, the gift should match your company profile, its standing on the market, its goods and services quality standards. We will gladly put designed logo onto any kind of promotion merchandise for you (promotional and business souvenirs, corporate gifts, luxury or creative souvenirs from any catalogue at the suppliers price).


Promotional souvenirs Business gifts2245245 Creative gifts

- Outdoor advertising. Design and production (banners, posters, boards, billboards, signboards, cross street banners, models, mark signs, wobblers, stands, flagstaves, standers, promotional stands, prisma-visions, etc.);

Being one of the fastest, most vivid and popular ways to deliver information, an outdoor advertisement should be concise and easily perceived. Giving due consideration to its design you will get a high-quality product for effective promotion of your goods and services. Proper design of an outdoor advertisement guarantees close attention to your company, its goods and services. That is why we practice serious approach to the outdoor advertising design using all possible means and combinations of current technology and materials.

Make information about your company, products and promotion actions vivid and memorable. Production takes only a few days, impact of a professionally executed and placed outdoor advertisement lasts much longer.



- Naming, corporate style design, trademarks, logos, slogans.

Naming – Our aim is to create a bright and recognizable name for your company which will eventually become a brand and will be of the utmost effectiveness in terms of marketing. Needless to say that a pertinent name for a company, product or organization can support its promotion and popularization considerably. Secret of the success lies in experts who got the idea precisely, conducted an in-depth analysis and picked up a word or group of words to make a right impact on a target consumer.

Corporate style – What distinguishes one company from another? What makes each one recognizable and exceptional? Sure enough, it’s a corporate style. There is no insignificant details in creation of a company corporate style – everything matters. All these details eventually define company’s image, its corporate identity. In addition to awareness, corporate style elements inform client about your taste, attitude and spirit of your company. A decent design of high quality guarantees favourable attitude and loyalty of a potential client to your company.

Logo is a company’s business card which helps to recognize your firm among others. Logo design is tightly bound with the company name. It’s an image that does not exist without a firm. Logo will work for a company for many years and it should be well thought over. It should be stylish, precise, vivid, recognizable and should reflect corporate style of a company.

Slogan – it’s an explosion in one’s mind, fireworks of emotions, tsunami of feelings. It should blow one’s mind, scream about advantages of a product, encourage favourable image with the consumer. A trendy slogan is aimed to promote company and brand awareness and is centered on a key element of the company’s business common for its products or rendered services. Moreover, a trendy slogan can build necessary emotional atmosphere around the company.





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