Exhibition stand

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Standard stand

Standard structures include stands based on modified standard features from Octanorm, Maxima, Pro-Light; M- Light and others exhibition implementers.
The standard stands offer an excellent solution for setting up a highly attractive exposition while not straining the budget limitations. Modern and professional designs of exhibition stands make standard stands eye-catching and unforgettable in any surroundings!



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Combined stand

Combined stand is an exhibition stand, made up of basic Octanorm, Maxima standard elements, filled with non-standard elements, which results in an optimal price/construction category relationship.
The value of each solution will stem from individuality and high-quality implementation of your concept!



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Exclusive design stand

An exclusive design stand is built to an individual project from high-quality materials for each specific exhibition.
When designing such stands, it is possible to use any non-standard one-and-only architectural elements.
Exclusive means unique!



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Outdoor pavilion and chale

Outdoor pavilion and chalet is a closed room, designed for VIP- negotiations, flight observation and honorary guests party.
All the above-mentioned premises are built from the most high-tech and valuable materials, fitted out with costly custom-tailored furniture.

We offer all kinds of architectural solutions at any complexity level to build outdoor pavilions and chalets

– all over the WORLD!


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